Green Bike Effect (GBE) is a promoter of green energy sources specifically the application in folding bikes. Electrically powered bikes offer enhanced capabilities beyond conventional bikes in extended range and reduced physical effort when desired. The fuel is clean, low carbon footprint energy.

You retain the full set of functional benefits in a purpose-built bike (road bike, mountain bike, small diameter folding bike) while having a motorcycle style throttle control to engage the electric motor. The built-in electric motor is small, light weight, powerful, and reliable. Combined with the latest design in Lithium Ion battery GBE E-bikes have 16-22 miles in range and weigh as little as 30lbs. GBE Nismo 12 can be folded to the size of a backpack and can be carried onto subway or buses without the restriction of bike hours. It’s also very light to be hand carried into the office.

It’s perfect for metro commuters and students. Most importantly, the electric option provides a feasible alternative to gasoline powered vehicles in high density metro areas, campuses, or places where cars are prohibited. Storage is efficient and convenient for students and young professionals who value storage space in their apartment or condo. E-bikes are also means of transportation to link source/destination locations to mass transit system. City professionals will no longer be covered in sweat when riding to work or a business meeting. If you love the outdoor activities and biking you will also appreciate the option to relax on electric bikes in pedal-assist or full-power mode. These bikes are small after folding and multiple e-bikes can be placed in the trunk of a compact car. GBE E-bikes allow you to save $, save the environment, and ride in style!

Green Bike Effect is a new business attempting to lead the trend in electric bikes in the US. Our philosophy is to supply a viable, high quality green transportation to the mass at affordable prices. Please join us in the evolutionary new trend of next generation biking.