Electric Motor

This is the “muscle” of the E-bike. The brushless electric DC wheel motor. It ranges from 180 Watts to 350 Watts+ for different types of Electric Bikes. It’s very quiet, durable, and efficient compared to previous motors. This can be installed on the front or the rear wheel.


This is the battery unit, the source of energy for the electric motor. The application of the latest Lithium-Ion battery shaves the weight by more than 50% compared to older battery like Lead-acid. It has much longer charge life span. It’s however, also 4x+ more expensive. They are typically 24V or 36V 8AH or 10AH depending on the range requirement.

Control Unit

The control unit on the handle bar integrated with the gear shift system. It gives the rider throttle control to the electric motor similar to that of a motorcycle.


This is foldable Electric-Bike in folded position. The folded E-bike can be stored in apartment units, car garage, or carried into the office for charging under the desk! Our Campus & Metro Series foldable Electric Bikes allow even easier transport onto subway or buses. The foldable bikes are not restricted by the bike-hours on typical subway trains. Carrying bag is also available.