Tricycle e-bike is reality !

Developed exclusively by GBE Electric Bikes. Alternative green transportation meets practicality. Haul grocery and extra cargo with stability and motor assistance. Based on popular demand, GBE Electric Bikes has researched and developed a compact tricycle body equipped with a “sway” system that allows you to lean into turns like a bicycle while providing stability in the rear wheels. It’s tunable and adjustable to rider’s degree of comfort.

GT “Caterpillar” is fitted with powerful 350W electric motor and light weight LiFePO4 removable battery. It’s great for senior riders who cannot afford to have accidental fall-offs, riders who desire large carrying capacity on stable platform, or metro residents who completely replaces cars with versatile e-tricycle.


-350W  brushless electric motor

-36V 10Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate high density light weight battery

-15-25 miles range (based on mixed road condition and pedaling pattern. Estimation only)

-16-18 MPH top speed on electric motor

-20″ wheel front, 16″ dual wheel back

-”Sway” adjustable system


-Leather-wrapped handle

-Manual throttle & Pedal Assist mode

code name – “Caterpillar”

16-18 MPH top speed and great hauling capability. Leave your cars parked in the garage and run errands on GBE E-Trike !!


Price: $1,700.00



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