Porsche 911 goes green

By carrying a GBE electric folding bike on board. Nismo 12 is more of a chick magnet than the 911. Try it……


Research & Development

Coming Jan’ 2011

Code Name: Hummer

Fastest and most powerful GBE Electric Bike ever. Full-size mountain/road bike with folding capability.

Code Name: GTO

Fast and powerful Retro Beach Cruiser. Extra wide tires for comfort and stability.


Leo and his electric bike – Celebrities and their electric bikes

Leo seen riding his electric bike around town. Whatever Leo does must be cool!!


Black Friday sale on Electric Bikes & Electric Folding Bikes

Two electric bikes heavily discount and ready for Black Friday!! Be sure not to miss these models of electric bikes. Check out greenbikeeffect.com for SUPER discount deals on electric bikes. These models and prices are not going to last and once gone, that’s it.


Biking to Work with an Electric Folding Bike – The sweatless bike to work

Electric foldable bikes are great for commuters who take trains to work. You can quickly zip from your house to the train station and fold the bike easily inside. And just unfold it to zip straight to work from the train station! And recharge it while at work. It saves gas and time. Plus no more sweating by the time you get to work!


The sideways Bike

Here’s something you don’t see everyday. A bike that goes sideways. Designed by Michael Killian of Ireland. Photo and article are here.


Electric Folding Bike Advantages

Even though GreenBikeEffect.com sells many types of electric bikes, we do have a fondness for electric folding bikes. These bikes are great for commuters who take trains to work and also for casual riders who want a quick trip to their city downtown. They fold easily and fit inside the trunk of cars and is very easy to put together once out. Probably at most 5 minutes to get up and going. And with lithium-ion batteries, you can avoid heavy lifting! Anyone can easily fold their bikes and transport it anywhere.

Some ideas:

  • take your foldable electric bikes camping! and go on trails
  • take your folding electric bike to the park and use manual or electric.
  • put a couple into your car and you and your mate can enjoy a nice ride together!


GE buys 25,000 electric vehicles by 2015

GE (General Electric) is making a big push into electric vehicles. They have plans to purchase up to 25,000 electric vehicles by 2015. I wonder if they are buying electric bikes as well. GE’s initial plans are to buy 12,000 GM vehicles starting next year, beginning with the Volt. It plans to add others as manufacturers expand their electric car offerings.

Personally I think they should buy electric bikes for their workers as well as vehicles. Not everyone wants to drive a car around.


Green Festival SF 11/6

GBE Electric Bikes took the spot light at the Green Festival SF on Nov 6/7 2010. The booth generated overwhelmingly positive reaction from the crowd. Test rides took place at the runway ramp inside the exhibition hall non-stop throughout the day. Partnership were explored and formed with beach resort, green initiatives, and “Green” focused events.

A number of requests to demo GBE Electric Bikes in various cities throughout the Bay Areas will surely keep us busy for the upcoming months.

Sustainability is taking on a paradigm shift. You can be green while saving green. No more compromises.


8/22 8/23/2010 Caltopia at Berkeley

GreenBikeEffect.com had a successful event at UC Berkeley Caltopia experiential festival. Our booth attracted hundreds of visitors and we drew over 200+ fans on our Facebook page (GBE Electric Folding Bike). Free T-shirts, iPod Nano raffle prize, and a Wii console were given away. Congrats again to our winners.

GreenBikeEffect.com is coming back to Cal campus soon to give out more hot T-shirts, prizes, and test rides on our cool electric folding bikes. Stay tuned.